Genadi Samokovarov

Hello, my name is Genadi and I like building stuff. Be it software development or electronic music, I dive into everything that makes me excited.

<3 Ruby, Python, JavaScript, Linux & Git.


Software Engineer, Software Society [09.2013, ...]

Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Puppet, JavaScript, Git

Student, Google Summer of Code [07.2013, 09.2013]

Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Git

MTS, VMware [10.2011, 11.2013]

Python, Django, JavaScript, Backbone, Puppet, Perforce, Git

Software Engineer, Melon [03.2011, 09.2011]

Python, ASP, VisualBasic Script, .NET, Subversion

Intern MTS, VMware [07.2010, 01.2011]

Python, Django, Suds, P4Python, PySVN, Perforce

Software Engineer, N-Team [09.2009, 06.2010]

Python, Django, wxPython, PyGame

Open Source

I love open source software and give back to it as much as I can. I have contributed to Backbone, Ruby on Rails, Underscore and Puppet among others. Besides my contributions, I have some open source projects of my own:

Web Console Rails Console on the Browser

CHIP-8 Simple CHIP-8 Interpreter

Backbone Coffee Rewrite of Backbone in CoffeeScript

Pygmentize Me Your friendly highlighting service

Plush Python's most fluffy web framework

Moodswing Node.js testing framework for that time of the software development cycle

For full listing, checkout my github profile.


Masters of Software Technologies, Sofia University [10.2012, ...]

Bachelor of Software Engineering, Sofia University [10.2008, 07.2012]