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Today is a great day!



You ate from the Banitsa, right?


Brownie Points Postmortem



an analysis or discussion of an event held soon after it has occurred,especially in order to determine why it was a failure.

We won't do nothing of that!

But since the project is over...



We'll go, over it!

Brownie Points

Brownie Points

A trivia game that incentives kids to learn math early in their life.

Brownie Points

Solving problems earn you a currency called, ahem, brownie points.

Brownie Points

You can use BP+ to buy games.

Okay, okay...

You can use it to persuade your parents to buy you that video game.

That's not how even imaginary economy works...

There is a historical reason why we tried to bend the world like this.


Brownie Points

The questions come from standardized math curriculum, so they are relevant to what your (US) kids learns in school.


Brownie Points

They have pretty pictures and are generally fun.

Brownie Points

The hack to the game is to solve kindergarten problems all the time!

The Stack

Rails 5.0.1

Postgres 9.4

Angular 2

That's it!